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East Texas Speakers

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Name Date Venue Location
Joe Leath 1966 Convention Palm Springs, CA
Joe Leath 1971

Winter Conference
(chaired by Chuck Chamberlain)

Midland, TX
Joe Leath 1977 Founders Day Breakfast Akron, OH
Joe Leath 1978 Regional Convention NH
Joe Leath 1980 Cache Creek Conference Cache Creek, CO
Joe Leath 1981 10th Winter Conference Midland, TX
Joe Leath 1981 Mid Winter Conference Terre Haute, IN
Joe Leath 1983 East Texas Roundup Longview, TX
Ricky R. 1996 Burton Terrace Group Burton, TX
  1997 Tyler Anniversary Old Timers
(Jim P, Laura J, Sherry H,
Sunny B.)
Tyler, TX
  2000 Tyler Anniversary Old Timers
(Sunny B, Les W, Searcy W)
Tyler, TX

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