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Ordering From Our Store

The A.A. Central Service Office in Tyler stocks a variety of AA related supplies for both individuals and groups. All mail orders must be pre-paid and are usually filled and shipped the same day your order and payment are received. All orders are shipped via the U.S. Postal Service.

Please read the following instructions on 'Calculation of Texas State Sales Tax' to determine whether or not you must pay the Texas state sales tax.

Calculation of Texas State Sales Tax

Before mailing an order to the Central Service Office in Tyler, please be sure you read and understand the following rules regarding payment of Texas state sales tax.

Out Of State Orders
Any order being shipped to an out-of-Texas address is free of any Texas state sales tax.

Orders From 'Non-Profit Entities'
In order to be considered a 'Non-Profit' organization, an A.A. Group or other entity must have: 1) Applied for and received 'Non-Profit' designation from the IRS, 2) After being designated as 'Non-Profit' by the IRS, file the necessary paperwork with the Texas Comptrollers Office, and received from them a letter stating that they are recognized by the State of Texas as Non-Profit, and, 3) Furnish the Central Service Office in Tyler with a completed Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification Form #01-339.

If your group qualifies for 'Non-Profit' status as described above and has not previously furnished this office with the Texas Sales And Use Tax Exemption Certification form, please use the above link to print a form, then complete and include it with your order.

All Others
If you are an individual, or if you are ordering for an AA group or other Texas-based entity that has NOT acquired 'non-profit' status as described above, then you must pay Texas state sales tax on any item from the price list that is identified as 'taxable.'

The Texas State Comptrollers Office has ruled that, regardless of the tax-exempt status of the purchaser, we do not have to charge sales tax on any merchandise that we purchase from AA World Services or The Grapevine. Also, no sales tax is required on the basic AA medallions. (i.e., 24 hr/desire chips, monthly chips or the basic bronze yearly medallions). All other medallions (bi-plate gold/silver; tri-plate red/black, bill & bob, etc.) are considered taxable. All items on the price list are designated in the TAXABLE column as either 'exempt' or 'taxable.'